NATIONAL DISGRACE ‘Lives, dreams & families destroyed’ – Infected Blood


Infected Blood Inquiry final report by Sir Brian Langstaff

NATIONAL DISGRACE ‘Lives, dreams & families were destroyed’: NHS infected blood ‘disaster was no accident’ as ‘chilling cover-up’ revealed

The damning seven-volume investigation found those in positions of power deliberately misled the public for decades – key findings revealed.

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“Day of shame for Britain” says PM – Infected Blood


British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak apologises to infected blood scandal victims and says it is ‘day of shame for British state’

The prime minister offers a “wholehearted and unequivocal” apology after the final report from the inquiry is published, promising the government will pay “whatever it costs” in compensation.

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“subtle, pervasive and chilling cover up” by NHS and Government


The UK Infected Blood Inquiry final report slams NHS and Government ‘cover-up’ — ‘This was abuse’.

Victims of the scandal praised the ‘victory of truth’ in a press conference following its publication.

The final report into the infamous infected blood scandal has found a “subtle, pervasive and chilling cover up” by the NHS and the Government, as 30,000 people were contaminated with infected blood in the 1970s up to the 1990s.

Campaigners have reacted to the report in a press conference and said it was the “worst NHS treatment disaster” in UK history.

Reporting from Georgia Pearce, of GB News, at 13:09 hours.  Read more:

UK Blood Inquiry: Victims failed ‘not once but repeatedly’


The Infected Blood Inquiry said its victims had been failed “not once but repeatedly” by their doctors, by bodies including the NHS and others responsible for their safety, and the government.

It criticised the failure to make patient safety paramount in decision-making, pointing out the risk of viral infections being transmitted in blood and blood products had been known about since the start of the NHS in 1948.

But it said despite this people were exposed to “unacceptable risks”.

This included:

  • Not doing enough to stop importing blood products from abroad – which included blood from high-risk donors in the US where prisoners and drug addicts were paid to give blood
  • Continuing to source blood donations from high-risk populations in the UK too such as prisoners until 1986
  • Taking until the end of 1985 to heat-treat blood products to eliminate HIV despite the risks being known since 1982
  • Not introducing as much testing as could have been done to reduce the risk of hepatitis from the 1970s onwards

Reporting from Nick Triggle, Health Correspondent, BBC News at 12:30 hours

UK Infected Blood Inquiry: authorities ‘hid the truth’


The inquiry was specifically asked to explore whether there was any evidence of a cover-up.

Inquiry chair Sir Brian Langstaff is clear – there is, although he prefers the term “hiding the truth”.

He says there was a lack of openness, inquiry, accountability and elements of “downright deception”, including destroying documents.

But he said hiding the truth included not only deliberate concealment, but also telling half-truths or not telling people what they had a right to know.

He said this included the risks of treatment they received, what alternatives were available and, at times, even the fact that they were infected.

Reporting by Nick Triggle, Health Correspondent, BBC News at 12:30 hours

More than 30,000 infected with HIV & hepatitis C blood product UK

LONDON — Infected Blood Inquiry

More than 30,000 infected with HIV and hepatitis C in blood products scandal: UK inquiry
A report is due on the tragedy that unfolded in the 1970s and 1980s from using contaminated plasma from prisoners.

6minutes / Australian Doctor

1 May 2024

It has been described as the worst treatment disaster in the 75-year history of the UK’s NHS.

More than 30,000 people were infected with HIV and hepatitis C in the 1970s and 80s after being given contaminated blood products harvested from US prisoners.

An estimated 2900 patients died as a result.

The scandal centres on the fact that government officials had been warned at the time that the blood plasma had been harvested from inmates held in US prisons.

They included the Cummins State Farm prison in Arkansas where inmates were paid between $US5 ($7.60) and $US7 ($10.70) each time for blood plasma which was then sold for about $US100 ($152) into the drug industry supply chain.

But the approach used meant that a single batch used for patients could contain plasma harvested from 20,000 donors, obviously drastically increasing the risk of infection with bloodborne viruses.

The drug firm Bayer has already provided 7000 documents to a UK inquiry due to release its final report next month.

They show that its subsidiary, Cutter Laboratories, had warned licensing authorities back in the 1970s that its blood product Koate could ­contain viruses.

It said: “Since the presence or absence of hepatitis virus in Koate concentrate cannot be proven with absolute ­certainty the presence of such a virus should be assumed.”

Two patient groups in the UK became the unwitting victims of the scandal.

The first was haemophiliacs infected after treatments made from donated plasma were developed in the 1970s to replace the missing clotting agent Factor VIII.

The UK inquiry has been told that some 1250 patients were infected with both HIV and hepatitis C as a result, including 380 children.

Around two-thirds subsequently died of an AIDS-related illness.

A further 2400-5000 patients developed hepatitis C on its own.

The second patient cohort was those given blood transfusions after childbirth, surgery or other medical treatment.

It has been estimated that between 1970 and 1991 between 80 and 100 patients were infected with HIV, and some 27,000 with hepatitis C.

By the mid-1970s warnings were being repeatedly made that Factor VIII imported from the US carried a greater risk of viral infection.

But with attempts to make the UK more self-sufficient in blood products failing, the trade continued, even though campaigners say haemophiliacs could have been offered an alternative treatment called Cryoprecipitate.

According to the BBC, at the time this was deemed less effective and harder to administer even if it was made from the blood plasma of a single donor, lowering the infection risks.

Part of the issue was ignorance.

Even as late as November 1983, the government was insisting there was no “conclusive proof” that HIV could be transmitted in blood.

The inquiry heard testimony from many of those infected including former pupils at Treloar’s, a specialist boarding school in the UK where dozens of young haemophiliacs were infected with HIV.

In the US, companies who supplied infected products have paid out millions of dollars in out-of-court settlements.

Politicians and drug companies have been convicted of negligence in other countries, including France and Japan.

MEAG COMMENT:  But not in Australia, they all got away with it, so far.  We always believed that Australia’s contaminated blood scandal was three times worse than the UK.  So what is the true number in Australia then?  Mammoth.  God help those patients for the Australian Government didn’t and still hasn’t.

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More information: BBC; 19 April 2024

VALE John Pilger 1939-2023

LONDON — Australian journalist and esteemed investigative journalist John Pilger has died in London, on 30 December 2023, aged 84.  The world has lost a dissenting voice.

His numerous books and especially his documentaries opened the world’s eyes to the failings, and worse, of governments in many countries – including here, his birthplace Australia.

Thank you for exposing what governments hid.  Thank you for listening.  The MEAG salutes you.

May you RIP.


Excess deaths concealed by excess deception


COVID policy makers are determined to remain silent in the face of unassailable evidence that their totalitarian actions were devastating – both individually and nationally.

The shutting down of societies, the useless mask mandates, the vaccine lies and the crushing of individual rights have been exposed, ad infinitum.

Australia’s heroic COVID five senators – Alex Antic, Gerard Rennick, Malcolm Roberts, Matt Canavan and Ralph Babet – refuse to lie down on the issue.

One of the principal supporting claims of the truth-tellers has been “excess deaths”.  That is the astonishing coincidence of a sharp increase in “all-cause deaths” that has occurred precisely from the time of the mass vaccine rollout.


Excess deaths concealed by excess deception