Futile Health Ombudsman QLD


The Office of Health Ombudsman (OHO) in the State of Queensland is another futile regulatory health complaints commission.  It took over from the Health Quality Complaints Commission (HQCC) which was equally impotent.  Same horse, different jockey scenario politicians have lumbered the suffering public with thinking things would miraculously change from impotence to performance when it came to the volume of medical mistakes not being investigated, let alone addressed.

The OHO is dressed up to “understand our role in protecting Queenslanders”.  From what, them?

The OHO’s mantra to convince everyone of their viability:

“OHO staff are considered to be suitably qualified for the positions into which they have been appointed by the Health Ombudsman.

The OHO does not have any designated positions held by health practitioners for the purpose of ascertaining clinical advice on complaint matters.  Oh?

If the OHO considers that clinical advice is required on a complaint matter, the OHO will arrange to engage the services of a suitably qualified health practitioner to provide an independent clinical opinion on the matter.”

However this does not jell as after lodging a complaint about a medical procedure that nearly or did kill you, the OHO will close your complaint doing precisely nothing but believing anything and everything put in front of them, particularly lies by erring medical and nursing personnel and devious hospital medical services and write inane letters to patients closing complaints quoting this, that and the other Act.  As if we’re all up to scratch with legislation they hide behind!

‘Suitably qualified’?  Suitably qualified decoy in the art of obfuscation more like it.

“The Office of the Health Ombudsman exists to protect the health and safety of the people of Queensland.”

Who are they kidding?  Only themselves.

They can join the ranks of the other futile and threats to public safety such as the HCCC NSW, HCC VIC, HaDSCO WA, HCSCC SA, HCCC TAS, HCSCC NT, ACT HRC, and the king of them all, AHPRA.