Information Packs

You can’t be without one!  

To understand an event, you must know what went on before, and that means going right back to the start. In seeking accountability, be prepared for what’s ahead.  If you want to know where to start, what to do, how to do it, the MEAG INFORMATION PACKS are invaluable and vital for affected patients and bereaved families …packed with tips of useful and essential stuff.  Importantly, if you are heading to hospital soon get our “How to Survive in Hospital” pack.

Enquire within for further details.  There are three types:

Before you go to hospital —

  • How To Survive in Hospital and Avoid Hospital Stuff-Ups
    • and the 25 questions you must ask before you go to hospital

After you’ve been and error uncovered

  • Patient Survived (near miss); and
  • Patient Died.  


About to go to hospital?  Find out how best to AVOID HOSPITAL STUFF-UPS