The school where dozens of pupils died

LONDON — CONTAMINATED BLOOD INQUIRY UK — Not a day goes by without the horrors of contaminated blood being revealed.

Treloar College, Hampshire, school for children with a disability, were caught up in what has been called the worst treatment disaster in NHS history.

From 1974 to 1987, young boys with haemophilia were given Factor VIII contaminated with HIV and viral HEPATITIS C – and a death sentence with it.

At least 72 died after being given a drug contaminated with it.

The “official cover-up” by the British Government!  It is the “unofficial cover-up” in Australia.

30,000 British received contaminated blood, 3,000 died.  These are the figures being revealed now.

Politicians involved in the cover-up are unfolding.  Australia’s turn is coming.

In Australia MEAG knows of 20,000 patients who were contaminated and about the same number died.  But our government could not care less.

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