Stupidity reigns at NSW Health Ministry

SYDNEY — This quote in today’s The Sydney Morning Herald illustrates that the New South Wales Ministry of Health is clueless.  There should be no need for any inquiry if they had just listened (they don’t know how) and took note of the thousands of letters they receive every day about problems and fixed them.      Read this:

NSW Health acknowledged the concerns and said it welcomed the opportunity to participate in the inquiry.

“Of all those patients who pass through our public hospitals, 99.999 per cent will have a positive outcome,” a spokesperson said.

“Just 0.001 per cent of all patients discharged from hospital will be involved in a clinical incident which results in serious patient harm, known as a sentinel event.”

“Welcomed the opportunity”?  “Participate”?  NSW Ministry of Health should be driving this, not welcoming it.  Sounds like they are a side participant looking in. They are the government department of health and supposedly in charge.  Their incompetence reigns … the dumbest response from a government health department.  And they can’t work out why the rural hospital system is a mess because they don’t know what to do.

As for the 0.001%?  That is a fabricated percentage.  All lies.  All spin concocted by people who have not got a clue but got to protect their unaccountable ministry.  Patients being discharged via the morgue instead of the front door adds up to more than 0.001%.

Read the full horror (no surprise to MEAG) of Carrie Fellner’s in The Sydney Morning Herald:

BYO bandages: inquiry told of ‘horrendous’ state of NSW hospitals

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