Patient deaths & rural health horror: Politicians now ducking for cover

SYDNEY — Now we have Deputy Premier The Hon John Barilaro, state MP for Monaro, for calling for a probe into ‘horrific’ hospital allegations.

They are not “allegations” Mr Barilaro.  They are fact.  Read your correspondence, deputy premier.  It’s called due diligence.  Talk about ducking and weaving.

Mr Barilaro, to illustrate being out of touch, claims they ‘warrant an immediate investigation by the NSW Health Department and not could not wait for an upcoming parliamentary inquiry’.

Excuse me Deputy Premier Barilaro — it’s the NSW Ministry of Health (aka NSW Health Department) which is covering up malpractice, horror patient deaths, adverse medical patient events, bunglings et al.  They know of every incident.  Anything to save their malfeasant Local Health Districts (LHDs) and their own necks.  And you want them to probe?

This is the task for the NSW Police Force.

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Barilaro calls for urgent investigation into ‘horrific’ hospital allegations

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