Senior hospital executive ignored 3 warnings of killer nurse Lucy Letby


  • Lucy Letby on trial accused of killing seven babies and attempting to kill 10 more
  • Karen Rees, a duty executive, insisted there was no evidence against Letby 
  • Paediatrician Stephen Brearey had raised concerns with Ms Rees about Letby

A senior hospital executive at the Countess of Chester Hospital ignored three warnings by a consultant paediatrician that Lucy LETBY might be responsible for a number of deaths in the neonatal unit, a jury heard today.

Karen REES, duty executive in urgent care in June 2016, insisted there was no evidence against the nurse, and refused to take her off duty until the sudden and unexplained death of a triplet was properly investigated.

Stephen BREAREY, a paediatric lead at the hospital, told the jury at Manchester Crown Court that he called Ms REES because he could find no natural cause for the death of Baby O.


Senior hospital executive ‘ignored three warnings by consultant paediatrician that Lucy Letby might be responsible for deaths in neonatal unit’

Vaccine mandate insanity


The elite of The Senate have spoken up to protect our livelihoods — as seen in this YouTube clip — but the “NOs” are sheep following the Big Pharma brainwashing mantra.  Find out why the Senator/s representing your state said NO.  Bet they cannot provide you with an answer let alone any sense.


More lies from AHPRA CEO




Direct out of Hansard page 45:

In response to a question from Senator Malcolm Roberts (QLD) [Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party], AHPRA CEO Martin Fletcher said this:

“Our only focus is on public protection and patient safety”.  

What a lot of rot!  Is this the lie to top all lies?  

Was Martin Fletcher was under oath?  

Read all of the Hansard this date for more of Martin Fletcher’s false and misleading answers.  Martin Fletcher’s time is up and was years ago.  Why is AHPRA a corrupted mess?  Look within to Martin Fletcher’s tenure.  He’s in la-la land believing he is some patient safety saviour.  His record stands as testament to misfeasance.  

Fletcher claimed on ABC Four Corners 2 February 2023 that there were “huge lessons to learn” from sexual pervert Dr Andrew Churchyard’s crimes.  Fletcher has just decided to address these matters differently!  Churchyard’s crimes go back 15 years at least.  What was Fletcher’s AHPRA doing in those preceding years?  Now compare his big fib:  Our only focus is on public protection and patient safety.  Who is Fletcher kidding?  Lies lies and more lies.

TGA hid vaccine deaths from Australian public

CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA — The Therapeutic Goods (mal)Administration (TGA), Australia’s medicines regulator, has engaged in criminal conduct by hiding COVID-19 vaccine deaths from the public concerned that ‘disclosure could undermine public confidence’.  These people are lunatics.

The TGA – Australia’s poster child for malfeasance.

We all got lied to by our governments nationally and state/territory.  No surprise there.  Telling lies is government first order of business.

Any of us who queried it, were shut down right left and centre.  Main stream media let the public down.  They didn’t ask questions.  The followed the government’s mantra.  Extraordinary.


Australia’s drug regulator hid vaccine deaths from the public, concerned that ‘disclosure could undermine public confidence’

Australian regulators concealed fatal vaccine-induced myocarditis from the public

Australian regulators concealed fatal vaccine-induced myocarditis from the public

The malfeasant TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) excels in ineptitude – that’s saying it lightly – and criminal conduct. Think medicines’ stuff-ups.  Think TGA.  They approved such.

The letter the TGA wrote to Dr Melissa McCann illustrates it is better to cover up these things so as not to frighten people into not getting vaccinated.

Read Peter A McCullough MD MPH – Courageous Discourse

By Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) led by Dr. John Skerritt, MD, PhD, has been the face of regulatory decisions for Australia during the pandemic crisis.  This week in an explosive set of public lectures, crowded halls filled with thousands of Australians learned from Dr. Melissa McCann, BPharm, MBBS, FRACGP,  who also holds a Graduate Certificate of Allergic Disease, that Skerritt and the TGA had determined that several young previously healthy children died of COVID-19 vaccine induced myocarditis.  Redacted letters from the TGA to McCann indicated these facts and an admission of willful concealment.

PS. Remember the threats from the Australian Government.  This vaccine is sooooo safe that we were threatened to have it.

Vale Shirley Shackleton 1931-2023


What a fighter you were Shirley.  Loved our conversations.  Thank you for your steadfast support always encouraging.  Fight untruths and dishonesty with gusto. Stand up to governments who lie as a first order of business.  RIP Shirley, you deserve it. What a fighter.  What a wonderful human being.  Honoured, loved and remembered forever. ….Lorraine Long

Shirley Shackleton will be remembered as the fearless woman who campaigned for justice for the Balibo Five and East Timor

10,000 patients given faulty knee replacements

ENGLAND — More than 10,000 patients have been given a faulty knee replacement which doubles he risk of joint failure, The Telegraph London can disclose.

Implant has twice accepted failure rate with potentially catastrophic consequences for patients, particularly the elderly

The implant, which has been in use since 2003, was withdrawn from the market by its manufacturer in October.

The Telegraph has learnt that UK health regulator the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) is now preparing to issue a field safety notice, prohibiting its use.

Available across multiple NHS trusts, the implant, manufactured by Zimmer Biomet, a US firm, has been shown to fail in up to seven per cent of patients after ten years – twice the accepted failure rate of 3.5 per cent set by the National Joint Registry.

One study found the failure rate to be much higher at 17.6 per cent – more than five times as high as the accepted level.

This can have catastrophic consequences for patients, many of whom are elderly, as undergoing a second knee replacement operation poses a much greater risk.

The knee replacement, called the Nexgen, is part of a family of Zimmer Biomet implant devices with 88 possible variants. In total, these have been given to over 183,000 people in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and more than five million worldwide.  Of these variants, three combinations have been proven to place patients at a dangerously high risk of joint failure.


More than 10,000 given faulty knee replacements