Aged care: No quality, no safety

CANBERRA — The Final Report into Aged Care Quality and Safety, released Monday 1st March 2021, has confirmed MEAG’s concerns raised in repeated correspondence to the respective federal ministers for some two decades.

MEAG is not shocked by the Royal Commission’s findings.  It is what it has reported and named the atrocious nursing homes.  As for the Aged Care so-called regulator, we could only laugh at their ineptitude.

The federal ministers for aged care ignored MEAG.  This is the proof they did not read a single letter from concerned constituents Australia-wide either.  Each and every minister ignored everything and everyone.  Now they’re supposedly surprised — not shamed — just surprised.  The Royal Commission was an excuse for the federal government to stall even further.  Always “looking into things” but always the other way.

Australia’s maltreatment of its elderly is shameful and a disgrace.

To every politician:  Hang your head in shame.  To the Ministers for Aged Care, you all need to quit.  To you the elderly are a nuisance.  Wait till it’s your mum and dad and see how you fare.  Good luck.


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