Ridiculous that hospital COVID-19 case numbers not available

MELBOURNE — The Victorian Government has so far refused to reveal how many people have contracted coronavirus in health settings, such as hospitals and rehabilitation centres.

But from the general information available, it’s clear there are at least 25 people like Ms Heywood who entered a facility to be treated for an unrelated illness and became infected.

At least four of them have died — three of them cancer patients at The Alfred Hospital.

The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) said a report with the final figures would be released in the coming weeks.

Key points:
  • Christina Heywood is one of 17 patients who caught coronavirus while staying at a Frankston rehabilitation centre
  • Three months on she is still suffering the lingering effects of coronavirus
  • A health expert says better infection control in hospitals is the key to controlling the spread of the virus to patients

Read the read full story by ABC’s Jessica Longbottom:

Patients who caught COVID-19 in health settings demand official figures, as experts claim cases were preventable

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