Maggots found in aged care resident’s hair

An aged care home on the far New South Wales south coast is reviewing its procedures, after maggots were found in a resident’s head wound.

Staff at the Eden Bupa aged care facility will undergo additional training.

Medical Error Action Group founder Lorraine Long tells Radio 2GB’s Ben Fordham “you couldn’t hear anything more appalling.”

“The government just cannot understand what is going on in nursing homes.

“Bupa is continually being sanctioned.  Not just in Eden but across the states.”

“These instances need to stop.”

In a statement, the facility said they are working to ensure the resident receives appropriate care.

“Well, it’s not good enough Bupa.  It’s not once.  It’s repetitive.  It’s “routine”. You’ve got your eyes closed to your failures in care.”  

“If the general public can find out what’s going, how come your management can’t?” said Lorraine Long.

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