Advocate Charles MacKenzie

CHARLES MACKENZIE is Australia’s foremost expert on tainted blood. His investigations exposed the biggest health treatment scandal in Australia’s history.

In 2001 he founded the Tainted Blood Product Action Group (TBPAG), which fought for the rights of patients infected with contaminated blood following the shocking revelations Australia’s blood supply had been compromised with tainted blood and tainted blood products.

In 2004 he went on to create the Independent Blood Council, a not-for-profit charity.

Charles is the author of a number of pivotal reports that led to restructuring Australia’s blood supply, including “HCV in Plasma in 1990” [2002], and “The Lookback Report” [2003].

Charles’ exposé revealed how in 1990 when blood donors were found to be positive to the hepatitis C virus, far from being excluded from donations as the public had previously been advised, were actually included in a clandestine blood donation program. This was highly alarming considering 90% of Australians with the blood disorder haemophilia are positive to hepatitis C as a direct result of using Red Cross blood products.

These revelations and more led to the Australian government inquiry “Expert Advisory Group on Hepatitis C and Plasma in 1990” [‘Barraclough Inquiry’ 2003], then his further reports on contaminated blood led to the Australian Senate conducting an “Inquiry into Hepatitis C and Blood Supply in Australia [2004]”.

Charles’ activism won the right for all Australians to freely access Recombinant artificial plasma. This was important given the thousands of Australians who had been infected with deadly viruses from plasma derived from blood.

Charles has appeared on all national news bulletins including ABC Lateline, ABC Radio AM and PM, Channel 9 “Sunday” investigative affairs program, Channel 7 “Today Tonight” current affairs and national print media.

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