A bloody mess at the Red Cross

A betrayal to make you weep: That 1,800 Britons have been ‘murdered’ by tainted NHS blood is bad enough, but the grotesque way the victims have been denied justice is the scandal of our age

11 April 2015

  • Mike Dorricott died from liver cancer after contracting deadly hepatitis C
  • 47-year-old one of hundreds to die having had contaminated NHS blood
  • Drug companies took blood from prostitutes, vagrants and drug addicts
  • Britain has provided only some of those given terminal illnesses by contaminated blood with payments, of between just £20,000 and £63,000 

By Guy Adams for the UK Daily Mail

Blood is life.  In transfusions it saves millions of lives every year. Blood also provides plasma – a precious liquid used in the manufacture of various medical products that are indispensable, particularly for haemophiliacs.
But between 1980 and 1988 the lifesaving act became synonymous with death throughout the world;  30,000 haemophiliacs and tens of thousands of transfusion recipients were victims of blood that was infected with the Hepatitis C and HIV viruses.
This is the blood scandal.
A single product requires the blood of thousands of donors yet a single sick donor is enough to contaminate everything.
In the USA, Canada, Japan, Germany and France, the contaminated blood affair was the biggest medical catastrophe of the century.
Cynicism of blood industrialists, incompetence, negligence, corruption and blindness of certain governments and certain sections of the medical profession, the catastrophe is still with us — men, women and children are dying every single day.
…”A Blood Scandal” [2000], SBS TV, telecast 12 June 2001.
See “Submission to Australian Senate:  Inquiry into Hepatitis C and Blood Supply in Australia”, Medical Error Action Group, 23 January 2004.
 In 2005 Tainted Blood Product Action Group became part of Medical Error Action Group.


Australian Senate committee decides against compensation for victims of infected blood!!


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The RED CROSS is shameless.  How many organizations could profit from human misery, send thousands to early graves, ignore their loved ones, and still claim to be humanitarians?

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