An insurance company insider speaks out on how corporate PR is killing health care and deceiving Americans

Since Wendell Potter walked away from his executive position at a top health insurance company in May 2008, he has worked tirelessly as an outspoken critic of corporate public relations (PR) and the distortion and fear manufactured by America’s health insurance industry.

It is a PR juggernaut that is bankrolled by millions of dollars, rivalling lobbying budgets and underwriting many “non-partisan” grassroots organizations.  How would Potter know?  He wrote many of the industry’s talking points himself.

From clandestine meetings carefully organized to leave no paper trail to creating third party front groups,  Potter lets the reader in on the dirty secrets most big corporations would rather have the masses be in the dark about because the stakes are high and the profits even higher.

DEADLY SPIN is not just an exposé of health insurers but a stark warning that corporate spin is distorting our democracy.