Carer-Assisted Serial Killing

Murder of patients in hospitals and nursing homes is a serious and escalating problem.  This is C.A.S.K. — not short for casket, but…

The poisoning and murdering activities of Dr William Palmer (1824-1856), also known as the Rugeley Poisoner (UK), a century and half later other serial killers carried on the misdeeds such as — 

Doctors —

Harry Richard Bailey (Pennant Hills, NSW, Australia)

Michael Swango (Ohio, Illinois, South Dakota, New York USA) 

Harold Shipman (UK)

Jayant Patel (Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia) 

Virginia de Souza (Brazil) 

Frederic Pechier (France).  

Nurses —

Arnfinn Nesset (Norway)

Genene Anne Jones (Texas USA)

Charles Edmund Cullen (New Jersey, Pennsylvania USA)

Beverley Allitt (UK)

Orville Lynn Majors (Indiana USA)

Edson Guimares (Brazil) 

Lucy Isabella Quirina de Berk (Netherlands) 

Ariel Vomero and Marcelo Pereira (Uruguay) 

Roger Kingsley Dean (New South Wales Australia) 

Victorino Chua (UK) 

Megan Jean Haines (New South Wales Australia),

Niels Högel (Germany),

Garry Steven Davis (New South Wales Australia),

Elizabeth Tracy Mae Wettlaufer (Canada) 

Lucy Letby (England) 

and mass murderering psychiatrist Radovan Karadzic (Butcher of Bosnia),

it is clear that medical murder is to remain a problem in future.