Carer-Assisted Serial Killing

Murder of patients in hospitals and nursing homes is a serious and escalating problem.  This is CASK.  Not short for casket, but…

With the activities in recent years of serial killers such as doctors Michael Swango (USA), Harold Shipman (UK), Jayant Patel (Australia), Virginia de Souza (Brazil), and nurses Arnfinn Nesset (Norway), Beverley Allitt (UK), Edson Guimares (Brazil), Orville Lynn Majors (USA), Lucy Isabella Quirina de Berk (Netherlands), Ariel Vomero and Marcelo Pereira (Uruguay) and Genene Anne Jones (USA), and mass murderer psychiatrist Radovan Karadzic (Butcher of Bosnia), it is clear that medical murder is to remain a problem in future.