Rogue possums destroyed medical records!

SYDNEY — Clinical fraud in sick system

From rogue possums to staff shortages.  NSW Health allowed a dodgy doctor work for 11 years.

Excuses from NSW Ministry of Health never cease for their maladministration.

A rogue possum and a desperate scramble for foreign medical staff to fill chronic shortages and a litany of catastrophic errors have all been blamed for a major health system breakdown which allowed a fake Indian doctor too work unqualified in NSW’s hospitals for over a decade.

Con artist Shyam ACHARYA stole the identity of Dr Sarang Chitale while the pair worked as interns at Joshi Hospital in the west Indian city of Pune, before travelling to NSW and using fake documents to work in 6 hospitals across Sydney and the Central Coast for 11 years.

Read more of Miles Godfrey’s story in today’s The Daily Telegraph:




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