Q&A Session

Experts are available for personal consultations by telephone for a one-on-one question and answer advice session. 

For a contribution to Medical Error Action Group of $190 you can have a telephone consultation with a MEAG Team specialist for an hour wherein you can discuss your matter, ask questions, ascertain what you need to do, what documents you need to gather and why.

Perhaps you just want to know which doctors to avoid?  There are plenty of them! See BAD MEDICINE  

A Q&A Session can save you thousands in the long run and a lot of frustration and wasted time.  The key to being able to cope is being organised AND informed.

NOTE:  It’s recommended to get an INFORMATION PACK as well, so you have your head around the initial steps and know what’s in store…. saves a lot of time.

Consultations are available to fit your schedule.  Follow-up consultations are also available.  All require a booking.  Calls are made to land lines and mobile/cell phones.  Calls to overseas are to land lines only. 

The MEAG Team understands your exasperation all too well and with the collective experience of the Team, led by founder Lorraine Long, makes for a formidable knowledge base.

To book a Q&A Session:

  1. Email our Calls Diary Coordinator, to set up a date and time.
  2. We need your telephone number and area code.  If overseas, your country code.
  3. When that is scheduled, THEN proceed to PURCHASE Q&A SESSION
  4. Upon payment confirmation, a form will be emailed for you to complete and return.
  5. Your Q&A Session date and time will be reconfirmed and ready to go as scheduled.

For further details email Eddie Williams, our calls diary coordinator, at info@medicalerroraustralia.com 

LORRAINE LONG, founder of Medical Error Action Group, is Australia’s first and foremost advocate on medical error – someone of outstanding courage, tenacity, perception and fight. Lorraine has the background that proves it. She has first hand experience in medical error, patient deaths and injuries, coronial systems, hospital systems, government cover-ups, failures of justice, and the plight of people affected by medical error.

FEATURED EXPERT IN THE MEDIA: Lorraine Long has appeared numerous times on ABC Four Corners, Lateline, Stateline, The 7.30 Report, Compass, Health Dimensions, ABC Radio AM, PM, ABC The World Today, The Law Report; Radio 2GB Alan Jones, Ray Hadley; Channel 7 Real Life, Today Tonight, Sunday Night; Channel 9 Sunday, A Current Affair, 60 Minutes, Today; Channel 10 News at Five, 9am with David & Kim, 6.30 with George Negus, The Project; SBS TV Insight; BBC Panorama, BBC, ITV UK, TAFF PRO7 Germany, and a multitude of radio and television news bulletins nationally and internationally.

Such is Lorraine’s insight into the importance of linking coronial data nationally and internationally that she was invited to make the Opening Address to the “National Forum on Coronial Information”.  She has also given talks in public hospitals to young and specialist doctors.

The “Butcher of Baulkham Hills and Bega” scandal was years of monitoring before Lorraine took the exposé to investigative journalist Ross Coulthart who, together with producer Nick Farrow, went on to win 3 “Walkleys” for excellence in journalism and a story that made a difference.  The doctor was eventually jailed.  Now he has been indicted for manslaughter.

MEAG AT WORK: http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/health-officials-more-worried-about-publicity-than-cause-of-elijahs-death-says-mother-20121102-28pge.html

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